Australian bushfires

Ok, no clever title or jokes in this post today. Just a bit of fact checking and sharing of ways to help victims of the Australian bushfires. This image has been doing the rounds on social media – I haven’t fact checked it in terms of the size it refers to, but it’s pretty telling. […]

Be more Greta

So there’s quite a lot of you still out there reading and interacting, which is motivating me to keep writing! I dropped a link to this article in my last post – “Be more Greta: seven ways to help reduce your environmental impact”. So I thought I should actually read it properly and use it […]

Should auld acquaintance be forgot?

Is anyone still out there? It’s been aaaaages since I last posted, so I will honestly be delighted if anyone reads this! Happy 2020 anyway to whoever is reading, and I hope your festive season has been enjoyable. SO many thoughts to share with you all! I want to have a rant about fabric gift […]