#SaturdaySwitch part 2 – yog yog

Yoghurt is a staple of ours and has been since early on in the weaning process. It’s usually very popular and has sometimes been the only thing eaten in times of teething and illness. Sometimes it gets quite messy, and I have tons of funny photos of my boy covered in yoghurt, which would make great headers for this blog – but when he’s 18 he might object to me having shared them publicly, so this stock photo will have to do.

We made a lot of purchase decisions out of convenience/exhaustion in the early days, especially during the brief and hideous period of time when I was working four days a week on the other side of London and we literally couldn’t cope with our lives. So we just got used to buying multi-packs of baby yoghurt, as that’s what we’ve always done. And what a no-brainer of a switch this has turned out to be. Here’s the maths:

Little Yeo – 4 x 90g pot yoghurt, creates 36g empty plastic packaging. Costs: £1.40, or 2 packs for £2 (permanently on offer in Asda) – cost of yoghurt per 100g = 27.7p

Petit Filous – 6 x 47g pot yoghurt, creates 24g empty plastic packaging. Costs: £1.40, or 2 packs for £2 (same offer as above, also £1 in Co-op) – cost of yoghurt per 100g = 35.5p

Yeo Valley – 1 x 450g pot yoghurt, creates 13g empty plastic packaging. Costs: £1.50, or 2 packs for £2 (same again from Asda, also £1 in Co-op for any flavour) – cost of yoghurt per 100g = 22p

A slight downside of course is having to serve a portion of the big tub in a bowl, but there’s less washing up of annoying plastic for recycling and the ecobrick, with the added bonus that I get to eat some too. Sometime I even get fed it. “Mummy want yog yog?” Definitely no photos of that being shared any time soon.

I can’t quite fathom how to work out the savings per week on this, but it’s definitely cheaper and worth it for the plastic saving alone. Someone did suggest having a go at making my own yoghurt, which is a thought indeed – although I fear that these kinds of missions (similar to DIY deodorant) would have a detrimental impact on the amount of CBeebies viewing that goes on in this house. Maybe we’ll do it together one day as messy play… do I get extra smug mummy points for that? Anyone want to come over and help?

Here’s some photos of weighed plastic to prove I did this properly (NB the outer packaging of the big pot of Yeo Valley is cardboard so should go into the recycling separately).

7 thoughts on “#SaturdaySwitch part 2 – yog yog

  1. Anne rand June 29, 2019 / 12:27 pm

    Hi the Yeo yoghurt is totally recyclable. But I stand to be corrected. Also the pots could be used for storing left overs etc in fridge. Cheaper than tuperwear Also could check out making your own yoghurt to which fresh fruit could be added.


    • The Everyday Radical June 29, 2019 / 12:32 pm

      The film on the top isn’t recyclable but the pot and lid are. But do we believe it’s all actually being recycled? Good idea re the leftovers, we have about 5,000,000 takeaway tubs that we use from our former sinful life!


  2. Linda Grant June 29, 2019 / 12:31 pm

    Just a quickie hun – making your own yogurt is definitely MASSIVELY cheaper and very very very easy. Buy a second hand yogurt maker for a tenner from Ebay – trust me. Don’t bother with the packet mixes, just make your own from some live yogurt. During the summer you can put whatever fruit is cheap and plentiful in – and if you’ve got space in your freezer you can make your own fruit and yogurt ice creams. NOM!!


  3. Claire Barnes July 3, 2019 / 9:05 am

    I too was going to suggest homemade yoghurt. It’s not something I’ve done myself as I only eat yoghurt once every few months in a curry. But my mum made yoghurt when I was little for me.


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